710 SNOB

The snobs have been in the industry since the mid 90’s working in Northern California. When it all started we used PVC pipe or Gatorade bottles to make our extraction tubes.

Not knowing and not caring about quality of end product, we did this for years. We didn’t know that the plastic leached nasty stuff but it was the easiest and most effective method to blast at the time.

Back then only a few shops carried the glass tubes. They were miles away and charged an arm and leg.

When we did make it to town to get a high dollar glass blast tube we would end up messing with a damn hose clamp and screen, just to end up cracking the glass and losing our product. This is why we started to make them ourselves out of medical grade stainless steel.

Our extraction tubes are constructed entirely of710 Snob high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel solves the glass breakage problem easily. It doesn’t break. Stainless steel also eliminates the possibility of any other potential chemical contaminates, that can be secreted out of sub-par materials into your delicate extractions.

Connect with 710 SNOB: info@710SNOB.com

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