ASME Reactor Skid, decarb, crystallization vessels

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ASME certified 304 stainless steel 150L reactor skids. 


1 Reactor Skid 

Approx 36” x 72” and 60” tall

6 rolling wheels 


1 jacketed vessel:

1.5” jacket ports inlet and outlet 

1x 1.5” drain 

2x 1.5” fill on top 

1x 8” tri clamp top, has internal coil with 1.5” inlet and outlet

2x additional fill on the 8” lid 


2 jacketed vessel :

14” manway lid 

2” tri clamp center 

6x 1.5” tri clamp on lid 

6x additional 1.5” tri clamp on top below manway

6” tri clamp bottom with 1.5” drain

1.5” jacket inlet and outlet 


Please call for a freight quote, we have these in stock in Mesa Arizona and Belgrade Montana for expedited delivery across the USA.


we have set these up with pumps for ethanol washing of hemp, 3 stage filtration racks, decarb, crystallization among other uses.