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Easy Set Up - Patented design makes it a “snap” to put up and take down.
Triple Yield - Triple your yield without increasing your garden area.
Geodesic Shape - No cold corners. Every square foot can be used for growing.
Versatility - Easily converts to a shelter with a different cover.
Warranty - Full five-year warranty for peace of mind.
Save - Half the price and twice the quality of other greenhouses.

Sizes & Production:

  • 16' - Fresh produce for 4-8 people. 202 square feet. 9.5' vertical growing space.
  • 24' - Fresh produce for 8-14 people. 450 square feet. 10' vertical growing space.
  • 32' - Fresh produce for 20-30 people. 775 square feet. 13' vertical growing space.


  • Anti-drip Cover - Prevents droplets of water from forming on the inside of the cover.
  • Mesh Screen Door - Durable mesh screen allows ventilation while keeping unwanted critters out.
  • Incredibly Strong Frame - Aircraft-grade aluminum struts, and hubs made from a heat, cold, and UV resistant nylon polycarbonate.
  • Weather Resistant - Will withstand 90 mph winds, heavy snow loads, hail and earthquakes.

Harvest Right UV Protected Woven Plastic Greenhouse Cover

  • 6 year UV warranty
  • Woven rip stop fabric
  • Light diffused (88%)
    – Prevents shadowing for a more even distribution of light onto your crops
    – Increased photosynthesis for crop yield
    – 100% UV protection for humans and plants
    – Less evaporation and less water used for irrigation
  • IR – Infrared protection leads to less heat transfer meaning a more constant temperature throughout the day and night (R3 rating)
  • AD – Anti-Drip (sometimes called AC anti-condensation) prevent condensation which can lead to mold and uneven light distribution
  • UVA – Ultraviolet protection prevents sun deterioration and ensures the cover material will last 10 years or more (comes with 6 year UV warranty)
  • Anti-Dust protection helps repel dirt from the surface instead of creating static that attracts dirt and impairs light
  • Woven layer technology for strength and versatility
  • Tightly fitted to your dome

Strong Frame

  • Aircraft aluminum anodized poles
  • Designed for easy set up/take down and increased durability
  • Fitted door
  • Two people can setup the entire greenhouse in 1 hour, yet it becomes the most durable and weather-resistant greenhouse in the industry (32′ greenhouse can be set up by three people in 3 hours)"