Stainless Steel Rosin mesh Tubes

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10 pack of Stainless Steel tubes
1" diameter by 9″ long
316 Stainless steel

Cut to size, fill, fold and squish.

Yes, the bags or tubes can be reused. You can clean them multiple ways soak in alcohol, then scrape out old material, soak in alcohol again, then clean with very hot water and soap. Make sure to be very gentle with the seam. Another option is to simmer them in coconut oil rather than soaking the tubes in alcohol.

What is the difference with the micron sizes? Is one better than the other?
Micron size has a lot to do with personal preference. The 25u offers a smaller hole and gives you a more filtered and refined product whereas the 50u offers larger holes that allow material to pass through easier and can sometimes give you a slightly heavier yields.


great clean was for your solventless extraction, low heat high pressure, low temp , stainless mesh tubes for your rosin press,